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The Gay porn adam bryant bareback Checkpoints and enforcement had just started to gain popularity. One part of that program was to assign officers to work the streets on DWI Patrol, rather than checkpoints. We were assigned to different sections of the city or to watch a particular bar or nightclub. The duty hours were usually from about 8PM to 4AM. Very seldom was there any DWI activity before midnight, so the early hours of the shift were always slow.

Under the misdemeanor charges each of the 24 men face, convictions would force them into a police-only database of sex offenders. If you go around in public places sucking cock or having your cock sucked and you get busted — your bad. And you should have been paying better attention.

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So stop crying about Your feelings being hurt by somthing that was not even done to you, and if it was…. And while cops sexually hitting on members of the public are the things that porn is made of, it very seldom actually happens. No one in my family is living there anymore. MAKE COPS LOVE TO SUCK COCK GAY